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Mourinho: “UCL every club’s dream”

Mourinho: “UCL every club’s dream”

APPIANO GENTILE – More of José Mourinho’s presentation news conference:

Will you bring your family to Milan or will you leave them in Portugal, like you did when you coached in England?
“My family lived happily in London. It’s a fantastic city and it was a fantastic experience. The only problem I had in London was with my dog. I am in love with London and with English football. I don’t think there will be any problems in Italy. I made a contribution to English football, and I want to do the same for Italian football. My family will move to Milan because I can’t work without my family. My family is the most important thing for me. Milan is a fantastic city and my wife is a fantastic woman who has given me everything I need to work in football.”

The fans want you to win the Champions League.
“The Champions League is the dream of every club. When I analyse the situation I think that there are at least eleven teams in the fight to win the Champions League – three Italians, four English, a German and three Spanish. For me the third Spanish team is Atletico Madrid. I call the Champions League the competition of details, because it’s the details that make the difference. When I was at Porto we won the qualifier against Manchester in the 90th minute. Another time with Chelsea we lost two semi-finals – first with a goal that nobody saw, and then after penalties. It is definitely the competition of details. I have won it once in the last four editions, I have reached the semi-finals twice, and I have won a UEFA Cup. I think I have a tendency to reach the final phases of these competitions. I have experience in leading a group and a good knowledge of different footballing cultures, having worked in Portugal, Spain and England. I think I can bring this knowledge to Italy. The Champions League is also a competition between different footballing cultures. One day you’re up against a British team, and the next week against a Portuguese team, who obviously have competely different philosophies. I can say without any fear that Inter is one of the eleven teams who want to win the Champions League.”

What differences will there be between your style of play and Mancini’s?
“First I want to meet the players and talk with them. I just want to say that comunication is very important for me, but that comunication always ends with my decision. I can’t wait to start coaching the team.”

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